Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

Wow, so interesting! Australia

Last year I went on exchange to Sydney. It was the most amazing 6 months one can imagine. Here are e few things I experienced over there, that I want to share with you.

The 3 Best Things about Australia
-          Diversity 1: metropolises, beaches, rain forests, deserts, mountains, reefs…you can have everything in the same country.
-          Diversity 2: You can find so many different cultures, skin colours, languages living with and next to each other. For example were 30 % of Sydney’s inhabitants born outside Australia. And even those who were born there usually have at least one parent coming from another country.
-          TimTams: The most delicious chocolate cookies! J

The 3 Worst Things about Australia
-          Vegemite: it’s a spread that Aussies eat for breakfast. It’s extremely salty and most foreigners would describe it as disgusting. But Aussies seem to love it!
-          They drive on the wrong side of the street: the first time I was sitting in the drivers seat, I was really nervous about confusing the sides. But luckily you get used to it quite fast. And then it was actually even a bit weird to drive on the right side back home J
-          The can absolutely NOT rely on the weather forecast: I am still not sure if the meteorologists in Australia are so incompetent or if the weather in Australia is simply too unpredictable. Anyway while I was there I realized quickly there is no point in checking the forecast – it was just hardly ever true.

The 3 Things you may not have known about Australia
-          the Capital City of Australia is Canberra (not Sydney!): It has purposely been built to be the capital because they couldn’t decide whether Sydney or Melbourne could be the capital. So none of them could and a new town was designed instead.
-          The Aborigines, the native people of Australia, have already been living there for about 50’000 years. The Europeans only arrived in the late 18th century.
-          Camels are feral pests in Australia: they were brought to the island in the 19th century for transport and construction use. But they have expanded and are now becoming increasingly dangerous for native animals.  

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