Samstag, 16. März 2013

Incredible India

Experiencing India with AIESEC definitely changed my perception of the world. Whereas we live in a very secure and regular world, India is a colorful chaos of suffering and joy, noise and peace, rich and poor. Where all these contradictions clash in wildest ecstasy I have never felt more alive. Like the day when I first went to work alone with my scooter in the crazy Indian traffic: Rickshaws, cars, cows, camels, elephants – on Indian roads you better get mentally prepared on any situation before heading round the corner. Or as the Indians put it so nicely: Expect the unexpected.
Living among young students from all over the world, leaving our comfort zone together, sharing the best moments of our lifetime with one other – this truly was a unforgettable experience too. I have made so many good friends from all over the globe in such a short time and authentically met the Indian culture too. Like the night when 8 of us crawled in this little nutshell of a rickshaw singing “Ai se tu pego” with my Brazilian room mates. By the third time the Indian driver started to sing along with us. Music simply is the universal language.
Or the other day when this poor street merchant spontaneously invited me to his home to have lunch with his whole family. Sitting on the floor eating delicious curry and rice with my hands from a banana leaf instead of a dish was an impressive and authentic way of getting to know the day-to-day reality of India’s lesser privileged people.
Or the weekend that we spent in Goa… Or… Or… Or…
To cut a long story short: Going abroad with AIESEC probably was the best decision of my life.Period. 
So what are you waiting for? Namasté!

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